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Creating a great website

So just what does it take to build a great website?
Excellent teamwork, the right tools, the right knowledge and most importantly:
a focus on what the customer (that’s you) wants to achieve and for us to deliver it!

Carl Hamblyn
Digital Expert

Committed to excellence

Hi, I’m Carl.  I had my first computer at age 12 and I was always trying to dig beneath the surface, figure out how it worked and program it for myself.

There weren’t any websites back then and who would have guessed how much we would need one now?  Having a website is already a necessity for a business rather than just an option.

Just about anyone can make a website today, but does it actually work? Does it do what it’s supposed to?  Why do things always go wrong with it?

I’ve seen the tools that come and go and the one’s that either make things worse or make things better.

And I’ve encountered my fair share of problems that can happen out in the big bad internet world. They’re difficult and expensive learning curves! There are things to look out for but are hard to know without hands on experience.

So I’m bringing a bit of light to the technological world. And heck, while we’re at it we’ll help you shine your light too!

Carl Hamblyn

Chief of Design

Bringing back nature

Hey, I’m Grant. I am a passionate artist and always so excited when I’m involved in website design. It’s a way I can really sink my teeth into the digital world and explore all sorts of creativity and digital magic for you.

Outside of the digital realm I like to paint, draw and write calligraphy daily and particularly like researching the vibrant and dynamic art found in comics and graphic novels. But times are changing rapidly and as we move into a more digital era, new possibilities never seen before are opening up for us. We will all need a strong ship to carry us through these new digital seas. 

Because of my love of art and keen interest in nature I have studied biology and landscape architecture and even found myself busy working in the café scene. I know how much we love getting together over a cup of coffee. What’s great is that we get to talk about our problems and help each other find solutions. I have found that it is understanding the deeper issues of nature and seeing the bigger picture that really open up a person’s eyes to the answers they seek.

So what a great mix to bring to the creation of a website!
I am sure that my passion and experience in both art and nature will add a touch of creativity and dynamism to any website we create.

Grant Hamblyn

Grant Hamblyn

Benefits of an expert digital and design team

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